Reaching out to Coventry

Together in Mission Week is a time of challenge, celebration and intentional community. It’s all part of the Church Without Walls programme, and it’s our chance to reimagine our place in the city of Coventry.
Together in MIssion Week is 22-29 April, 2018
As a church, we’re at a crossroads.

People are rarely coming through our doors out of cultural expectations and family obligations. Those that come to church are here because it means something to them, but for most in our society, their source of meaning and the gathering places they seek out have nothing to do with church anymore.

For our survival, we have to decide whether how we’re used to doing church is still effective, and if not, what do we need to change?

Together in Mission Week is our chance as a church to focus on those people and groups outside of our church walls, and dream up ways of reaching them that we’ve never tried before. Because the church of the future must be a church that can reach people where they are.

Reimagining our place in the city

So we have to reimagine what it means to be a christian community in 21st century Coventry- and we have to find new ways of finding people where they are and sharing with them God’s message of radical inclusion.

As a way of opening our minds and hearts as a community, we’re joining in with other churches of the Birmingham Methodist District, and hosting a full week of outreach, personal challenge and simple gatherings throughout our city. Read on to get involved and find your place in this mission-shaped movement.

How does it work?

Outreach, challenge and simple gatherings from the 22nd to the 29th of April
Throughout the Birmingham District, different churches are taking all sorts of approaches to Together in Mission Week. The hope has been that each church would focus on something that was entirely in keeping with the make up and fabric of their local context/community.

At Central Hall, we’re a city centre church, which also makes us a church of many neighbourhoods. We recognise that the best way to reach our community would be to host simple gatherings throughout the various neighbourhoods represented by the members of our church as well as host some outreach events in the city centre.

But we also wanted to provide the opportunity for individuals to reach out on their own through random acts of kindness challenges well as bring everyone together to celebrate our community and the mission week itself in style at The Big Church Lunch. 

Simple Gatherings

Whether it’s a coffee morning, pudding party or game night, hosting a small get-together for your neighbours is a way of building community and being the church in the world.

Hosting a gathering is easy! If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch

Outreach Events

We’re a city centre church, so it makes sense for us to join together to reach out to others in the city centre!

We’ll be holding different events for children, youth, young adults and just about anyone in Coventry to join in with. See see what’s happening and when, view the full schedule

Random Acts of Kindness

Buying a coffee, sneaking in some chocolate, and writing some kind words are just some of the things we can do as individuals to bless those around us.

Throughout the mission week, you’ll be encouraged to take on these challenges, write them yourself, and see who else is doing the same on our RAOK board in Wesley’s

Celebration Service and The Big Church Lunch

See photos, hear stories and share memories of our week reaching out together during morning worship on April 29th.

Then come and share a meal as one big family, catered by our fantastic Zimbabwean Fellowship

Ask us about mission week!

If there's anything you're not sure about, or if you want to get involved, get in touch!
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