Students and Young Adults


All youth and students are welcome at Methodist Central Hall 

Do you want to take part in fun-packed religious activities?

Come and be a part of our family!  Let’s do things together, learn together, get to know each other and share ideas.

You can learn about different cultures and take part in fun activities to widen your knowledge in Christ, and create friendships.

You can take part in

  • Singing,

  • playing instruments,

  • dancing,

  • Bible study,

  • quizzes,

  • discussions

  • we can plan outings with other young people.

We are open to new ideas!   Bring what you have and we will share what we have. We want you to feel at home and let’s walk this journey of faith together.

Your presence is important to us.

So come and join us, and be part of something amazing, a church that loves you for who you are.

You are free to contact us on this email:  



Feels like home

We’re a church of grandmas, uncles, siblings and weird cousins you don’t talk to. And you’re always welcome at our get-togethers

An individual approach

We’ll notice when something’s not right in your life.
(And hopefully we’ll be able to help!)

Monthly gatherings

Monthly events could be anything from dinner round someone’s house to cinema trips, outdoor activities, and the odd game of laser tag


From hosting to children’s ministry to home visits for our oldest members, you can find a way to serve that’s right for you

A passion for justice

Methodism is rooted in a social justice movement, and we’re here to serve those who need us most

An inclusive community

No one is ever excluded from full membership or leadership roles within our community because of age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, or ability

Let's have a chat

You might just be glad you did.
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