What it means to be a community rooted in Christ

Coventry Methodist Central Hall:

Nurturing and celebrating faith, hope and love

We are a community of people who gather in Coventry City Centre because we are passionate about Jesus Christ, and we have a heart for connecting with the community around us.  We may not appear to be the most glamourous church out there but what matters most to us is that we are followers of Jesus.

We believe that Jesus shows us a unique way to live in the world, and we seek to model our lives based on his life and teachings. This is a life of humility, service, prayer, and close relationship with God. It’s also a life of radical inclusion – which means sharing and living out God’s love for the world and embracing all others regardless of their circumstances, status, politics or abilities.

We believe that no one is an accident, and that we’re much more than a random assortment of molecules.  We believe that God has a calling and purpose for every individual who responds to the love that is the source of creation. Central is a place where all are welcome, where lives can be transformed, and where everyone, from the most experienced churchgoer to the person who just popped in, can grow in the gifts and calling that God has given them.

No one is perfect. All have known suffering and experienced brokenness, despair, isolation and exclusion. We all have a path to walk and journey to travel with God.  At Central, we strive to be a community that walks this road together.  As we travel on, we share the hope Christ places in us with one another and with the wider world. We don’t offer all the answers, but we will make our best attempt to point you to the meaning, purpose, welcome and growth we discover in our faith.

This is our mission – to nurture and celebrate hope, faith and love.

Rooted in God’s Word

In the Bible, we find story after story of real people encountering and being utterly transformed by the divine. The Bible shows us that each person has purpose and meaning in the world. In the Bible we discover Jesus Christ, upon whom we model our lives and in whom we find living hope.

Passionate in Worship

For thousands of years, followers of Christ have joined together to learn more about his teachings, to pray together, to break bread with one another and to grow as a community.

We carry on this tradition, gathering together each week to praise God, revealed in Jesus Christ.  We meet each Sunday morning singing and praying together, celebrating the day of Christ’s resurrection, when the shadows of fear, despair and death were overturned by the light of love.

United in Love

Jesus told his disciples that the world will know we are his because of the unique love we have for one another. We grow together as a community in a variety of ways, but many members of our church find that the best way to get to know each other and grow more and more like Christ is to study, discuss, and pray together regularly in smaller groups.

We call these Life Groups, and we’d love you to consider joining one too!

Committed to Transformation

We’re firmly committed to serving the community around us, and making a difference in Coventry in Jesus’ name. Whether it’s through the Winter Night Shelter, pastoral visiting or during 2021 City of Culture next year, we’re all called to build God’s kingdom in some way.

Volunteering isn’t how you get a place in God’s family. It’s giving back to the world out of recognition for what God’s already done for us.

Having moved to England from Zimbabwe almost 14 years ago, for me Coventry Central hall has been a home away from home. I feel humbled and privileged to be a part of some of the lots of good things that happen here.

– Tendai Munemo

I was baptised here, my parents grew up at the old chapel and worshipped here, it's part of my make up. But more than that there is a long tradition of prayer and worship and it's good to be part of that God centred evolution.

– Pam Reid

"The congregation is friendly; they make me feel I am part of their family."

– Shirina Ibrahim

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